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Life with the "Big C"


Where do I start, well hi, I'm jessie. my life has never been what anyone would call normal, but it"s my normal. It is the only life i have ever known. i know that may sound ******, however, when you have had systemic lupus erythematosis( SLE ) since Jr high, you don't know that it's not normal to hurt all the time.

Please be patient, I"m not a writer, I peck when I type and please feel free to ask questions, but please don't ridicule my bad grammar. :)

I am in my 47th year and I have the "big C" and I'm not talking about chlamydia or ***** or any other STD. it's chronic and once you have it no matter what you've heard, you can never get all of it out of your body. It needs to become your new best friend. At least that's my opinion about it. I make myself believe it's no big deal. It's just the hand i was dealt and I either play it or fold. But let me tell you, this girl is in no way ready to fold.

I love Vemma, verve shots, thirst , Pm and I believe they have had a positive impact on my life and well being. With that being said, lets move on. This is my blog and is going to be my version
of dealing with a chronic illness on a day to day basis. Real life, not what you see on HBO.

I don't know if I can say that the Big C treatment Ctrs commercials make me want to *****. First of all, they only have people on with mainly stage 1 or 2 big c. They talk about Dr.s coming in and being so heartless it's not believable to me. i can see some Dr.s being very factual or some in worse case scenarios lacking some compassion, but give me break, these commercials need a new marketing team. ****, if you have to lay down $200,000. cash just to be seen,they better treat you like gold, and for me is a testament to how bad their commercials are.
OK, I'm very glad I got that off my chest. I was diagnosed feb. 2nd 2009 with stage 4. it's almost been 2 years and I feel pretty **** good. So what i want to do with this , is answer any questions about my personal experience with the "c" that may help anyone. Although, I think this is more for me. :)
I will do my best, to share my daily high's and lows with those who want to know. You are not alone. Play your hand.


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